Stud Husband Gets Wife Birthday Cake that Looks Like an Amazon Package

If you have someone in your life that LOVES Amazon - this cake is a great idea

My favorite thing about this story, is the attention it's giving the tiny bakery that created it

From Today:

Sweet Dreams Bakery of Dunn, which made the cake, is enjoying a taste of viral fame. After the Amazon package cake was shared on Facebook, it quickly racked up more than 26,000 likes and 19,000 shares.

“I definitely want this for my birthday,” wrote one person. Another tagged her fiancé and joked, “I think we should get this cake for the wedding.”

Brent Norris, who co-owns Sweet Dreams Bakery of Dunn, with his wife, Trena, said the cake took eight hours to complete and every bite is edible. (The label and tape are made of sugar and wafer paper!)

Check the cake below

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