KFC/Taco Bell Employee Washing Hair In Kitchen After A Food Fight

Four KFC/Taco Bell employees were fired from a Vermont franchise for breaking into a food fight, causing one to wash her hair in the restaurant’s kitchen sink.

A Snapchat video portrays one of the employees leaning over a toilet and possibly vomiting in a bathroom littered with food. It then pans to a coworker washing her hair in a large kitchen basin, wringing the soap onto the floor.

“This is what happens behind the scenes at your KFC and Taco Bell here in St. Albans,” wrote the Facebook poster.

“Guess I don’t want Taco Bell any more,” read a comment.

“I’m sorry you got sauce in your hair while your were throwing food at each other but....go home after your shift and take a shower,” someone commented. Another wrote, “These employees are FN disgusting. Obviously the Management team allows such conduct, poor skills.”

According to a report sent to Yahoo Lifestyle from the Vermont Department of Health, inspectors visited the location on Monday to look over the aftermath of a “hot sauce fight” between four employees after their Friday evening shift. The sauce was squirted into one woman’s hair, so she lathered up in a three-compartment basin which contained dirty dishes.

The worker washed off in the kitchen because she could not remove the sauce in the bathroom sink, says the report.

Sixteen security cameras recorded the food fight and the footage was sent to management. The entire kitchen sink and surrounding equipment was sanitized.

The employees were fired on Saturday morning. A KFC spokesperson tells Yahoo Lifestyle, “The behavior of these employees is unacceptable. The franchisee who owns the restaurant terminated their employment.”

However, the Vermont Department of Health tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the incident resulted in “no public health risk.”

"We were disturbed by what we saw from the video, and quickly dispatched a public health inspector to the restaurant," Andrew Chevrefils, a public health inspection supervisor, tells Yahoo Lifestyle in a statement. "We’ve had a chance to inspect the establishment and talk with the manager, and are comfortable with the actions taken to address the situation and our food safety concerns."

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