SHAED Covers Hozier's "Take Me to Church" at ALT Summer Camp

Washington D.C. natives, SHAED, made their way out to Long Beach, CA for our ALT Summer Camp show. The trio, consisting of Chelsea Lee and twin brothers Spencer and Max, performed an equally rhythmic cover of Hozier'sTake me to Church” encapsulating the crowd in a gospel arena of soul.

Of course, their 2018 widely successful hit “Trampoline” was performed, a song that explores what it may be like to run toward your dreams with open arms.

During an interview with the Recording Academy, Max broke down the forming idea behind the hit.

"The song initially was inspired by a home video of my brother and I. We were like three years old actually jumping on a trampoline, and it was filmed on VHS, and it had this really grainy kind of dreamlike quality. And that's where the first line I've been having dreams jumping on a trampoline came from."

Spencer then racked on his understanding that the song is an interpretation of fear.

"Then the song evolved into us exploring this idea of, rather than running from your biggest fears what it would be like to embrace them?"

He adds, "It's just crazy because we recorded that song in our little home studio, and it's just crazy to see, like today at this festival, all these people coming out and singing the song. Yeah. Best feeling ever."

Check out their video for Trampoline below.

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