Metallica Donated More Than $1.65 Million On 'WorldWired' Summer Tour

Metallica In Concert - Las Vegas, NV

Metallica donated more than €1.5 million (approximately $1.65 million) to local causes during its summer 'WorldWired' tour of Europe.

The band played 25 shows this summer and made large donations through its All Within My Hands foundation in each city it visited.

In August, it was revealed that Metallica gave €250,000 to help build the first children's cancer hospital in Romania. The band's final contribution came in the form of a €63,000 check to Freezone Mannheim, which offers youth welfare services to German children in need.

Metallica announced the donation by Twetting a photo of the band members presenting a check to Freezone Mannheim representatives.

Drummer Lars Ulrich explained in a Rolling Stone interview last spring that the band had for years been reluctant to publicize its charity work for fear of appearing to grandstand.

But the members of Metallica eventually agreed that their good work could inspire good in others, if they let people know what they were doing. In 2017, the band established its All Within My Hands foundation and began holding annual Days of Giving to encourage fans to volunteer at local food banks alongside the band members.

Photo: Getty Images

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