'Día de los Muertos' Barbie doll for the Mexican holiday 'Day of the Dead'

A limited-edition Barbie that celebrates “Day of the Dead,” the Mexican holiday, will reportedly hit stores this month.

“Barbie Día de Muertos,” the latest release from toymaker Mattel, features the iconic collectible wearing a stunning, floor-length black dress embroidered with flowers, skulls, and butterflies in colorful patterns. Barbie’s intricate wardrobe is complemented by her skull, or calavera, created with face paint, which represents the dead. Butterflies are elegantly perched on her hand and on top of her long, dark hair.

The Mexican holiday, which begins on October 31 and runs through November 2, is for friends and family to honor late loved ones. Families gather to enjoy food and prayer together, and often visit cemeteries to decorate the graves of their loved ones with ofrendas, or altars, which are also left out in celebrants’ homes.

“Barbie Día de Muertos” will be released on September 12, and will retail for $75 at Walmart, according to Revelist.

The Day of the Dead received significant attention in 2017 with the release of the Disney/Pixar film Coco. The film, which tells the story of Miguel, a young boy who dreams of being a musician despite his family’s objection, takes place on the eve of the holiday as the community prepares to celebrate the memory of their departed loved ones.

This isn’t the first time Mattel has released a doll that deviates from Barbie’s history as a blonde supermodel. Earlier this summer, the company welcomed a doll in a wheelchair to the “Barbie Fashionista” line. At the time, a representative from Mattel told Yahoo Lifestyle that a doll with a wheelchair is one of the most requested items from Barbie fans.

Mattel has also added several dolls based on actual historic figures to its lineup in recent years. In its “Inspiring Women” Barbie collection, dolls include civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks and astronaut Sally Ride.

Representatives from Barbie did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s request for comment.

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