Tech-Savvy Twenty One Pilots Fan Uncovers Hidden Vocals In 'Trench' Tracks

Skeleton Clique members are pretty hardcore, going to great lengths dissecting Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun's every move (and also making them gifts), and one particularly tech-savvy Twenty One Pilots fan recently uncovered something that will make fellow fans' jaws drop in disbelief.

Last week Reddit user nintendo4noah shared sound clips revealing hidden vocals in two Trench tracks: "Cut My Lip" and "Legend."

"I found some hidden vocals in Cut My Lip that is impossible to notice without doing weird stuff to the song" he wrote alongside the first clip, which shows a creepy, deep voice saying "I cut my lip" right after Joseph sings it. In the comments, they instructed how others could find hidden things in other songs: "Invert the stereo tracks of the song over each other and then do the same for the instrumental (make sure it's around the same dB as the original). You should have the 4 mono tracks, and then you mix to mono for both of them and then invert one of them, and it should give the vocals of the weird version of the song." Easy, right? (LOL)

The second post shows some strange vocal tracks hidden in "Legend." “This secret vocal hidden in Legend,” nintendo4noah wrote. “I knew it existed I just found a good way to extract it.”

Revisit "Cut My Lip" and "Legend" below and see if you can decipher the hidden vocals after hearing them isolated.

Photo: Getty Images