Home Depot Just Debuted A Light-Up Christmas Cow, Who's Wants One?

Is it possible to fall in love with a cow? Asking for a friend.

Okay, okay. Asking for ourselves. Our hearts have officially been stolen, and this light-up yard cow is the culprit. As we browsed Home Depot's newest 2019 Christmas decorations (have you herd? They've got a ton of new outdoor decor!), it was the very first thing that caught our attention—and we were instantly smitten.

Right now, the legen-dairy heifer (yes, it's a "she," according to Home Depot representatives, and yes, she even has an udder) is available on HomeDepot.com and in select Home Depot stores across the country for a cool $99. In our opinion, that's a pretty reasonable price to pay for a 55-inch cow—particularly if you plan on using her to be the star of your Christmas light display.

Of course, there's also a smaller, 36-inch cow available for $69. Talk about a fabulous gift for Mom.

Filled with tiny LED lights that give off a cool white glow, the cow features a metal frame covered in black-and-white tinsel that feels appropriately furry. She also comes with that giant red ribbon, so if you are planning on giving her as a Christmas gift, you won't have to put any extra thought into sprucing her up for the holidays. She's also incredibly easy to assemble, pre-lit, and surprisingly lightweight.

Of course, if you're as obsessed with the cow as we are, you won't want to chew the cud on this one—decorations as cute as these are bound to sell out fast. So get moo-ving and make all your country Christmas dreams come true this year.

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