Government Wants to Modernize Campgrounds at National Parks

Gross. Not a fan of this at all. If you're gonna camp...then camp. You don't need Wi-Fi or food trucks. That defeats the whole purpose

From KTLA:

The Interior Department is reviewing recommendations to modernize campgrounds at national parks. The recommendations posted online this week come from an advisory committee created under former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke that has been looking at ways for private businesses to operate on public lands.

Redesigning some campgrounds, and adding running water, tent and cabin rentals, food trucks, extended family sites and Wi-Fi at select parks also could boost revenue and encourage more people to stay overnight, the committee said.

“We’re basically suggesting that would be a way to improve overall camping experiences,” Crandall said. “Are we talking about pricing people out of national parks through this? Not at all.”

This is not camping

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