A Couple Posed Naked For Engagement Photos Using Pizza To Cover Their Goods

Fitness coach Felicia Robinson, known as @CoachFeFitness on Instagram, posted a photo of her and her now-husband's engagement photoshoot, and again, it involved zero clothing and all the pizza. She captioned the cheeky photo: "Everything is covered...#ReportYaMammy 📷@ejjistudios . It's not delivery, it's @digiorno."

The couple has a deep love for being in the nude: "We're just very naked people," the fitness coach told the New York Post. Her husband, who is a firefighter and personal trainer as well, agreed and also told the paper, "I've been pretty naked my whole life."

As for the pizza incorporation, they knew they had to include the food considering how big of a role its played in their journey to marriage. The man literally proposed to her with a whole pie that said "Marry me?"

This shoot was no joke for them either. The fitness couple heavily prepped for this photo-op where they worked out about six times a week and gave up sugar, carbs, dairy, and even alcohol, The Post noted.

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