Life-size AirPod Stickers are Confusing People in San Francisco

Pranks Pranks Pranks


A white object on the ground: small, but its shape is instantly recognizable. Is that... one half of a very expensive, very trendy pair of wireless headphones? Did that 2-inch $160 microbe of Apple ingenuity fall out of YOUR ear?

If you're one of the San Franciscans who's been duped into leaning down to pick up what looks like a single AirPod on the sidewalk this week, then you'll realize by now that you've been pranked. SF art directorPablo Rochathas been leaving life-sized AirPod stickers on the ground, and you were gullible enough to fall for it.

"I see people with AirPods all the time in San Francisco," said Rochat. "I got a pair myself recently, and they're an awkward shape so I drop them occasionally. I see my friends drop them, too. I thought it would be funny just to pretend like everyone's dropping them."

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