Coldplay Makes ‘Everyday Life’ Performance Exception for ALTer EGO

Double the album, double the magic! Coldplay hit the stage at iHeartRadio’s ALTer EGO 2020 presented by Capital One at The Forum in Los Angeles on Saturday, January 18. The Grammy-winning band returned to the stage amid the release of their eighth studio album, Everyday Life, which they’ve pledged to only tour as carbon neutral as possible.

Frontman Chris Martin and the gang, who are celebrating their 25th anniversary, performed a perfectly curated mix of tracks during their 35 minute-long set, including new releases “Orphans” and “Cry Cry Cry” from the double album, half-titled Sunrise and half-titled Sunset, as well as fan favorites including “Fix You” and “Viva La Vida.”

"This is the most people we're going to play for [to promote this album]," Martin told the sold-out crowd in between tracks and before performing new release "Daddy" with a gospel choir live for the first time.

"We're taking time, over the next year or two, to work out how can not only our tour be sustainable, but how can it be actively beneficial?" Martin previously explained of their decision to pause touring. "How can we harness the resources that our tour creates and make it have a positive impact?"

During their recent iHeartRadio Album Release Party, hosted by iHeartRadio's Harms, Martin shared the "main theme" of Everyday Life "is just being human."

"Sometimes the songs are very much personal experience, and other times they are empathetic in terms of thinking what other people are going through, or seeing what other people are going through," he added. "And so, I think that's why we called it Everyday Life, because it's just kinda the spoil and the stew together."

See more from Coldplay at ALTer EGO and their setlist below:

1. “Sunrise” (instrumental)

2. “Orphans”

3. “Viva La Vida”

4. “Daddy”

5. “Broken”

6. “Arabesque”

7. “Fix You”

8. “Cry Cry Cry”

9. “Champion of the World”

Photo: Wes and Alex for iHeartRadio

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