YUNGBLUD Introduces Us To All His Personalities In New Teaser Video

While YUNGBLUD has already given us a song about how “Weird!” the world is, he's now asking fans to embrace their inner weirdness in a new video teasing upcoming music.

Posted on Tuesday (September 15), Dom released a 53-second video of a spoken-word poem over footage of himself showing off all of his different personas.

“What does it mean to be weird? That beautifully f***ed up name. Is it a name of celebration? Is it a name of pain? I think that decision lies with us and us alone. Cos the thing about human beings is we forget we're all 15 different people at any one moment,” he said. “We don't know which version of ourselves we're going to wake up to. I spent so much time fighting and silencing those people who made up who I am because I was afraid of what the outside world would think about me. But if you remain silent to the people inside of yourself then you're always going to be silent to everybody else. ”

In the footage, we see YUNGBLUD dressed in the Union Jack dress we've already seen when he first teased his new era along with a pale-faced, black lipstick wearing personality, an absolutely stunning '80s-esque feminine figure, a very Robert Smith new wave character and more. As revealed in the audio, each person represents a different version of the singer and we'll probably get to know each one more along the way.

He continued to say in the video: “Embrace the strange. Celebrate the abnormal. Allow every part of you to speak, sing, and run around in circles in your mind. What does it mean to be weird? To be weird is to be different and extraordinarily free and in my opinion, to be weird is the best thing you can f***ing be.”

In his Instagram Story and on Twitter he also teased a couple seconds of a new song and we seriously cannot wait. Luckily, Dom revealed that “it all begins thursday” so we only have a couple more days!

Photo: Getty Images

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