My Chemical Romance Fans Release Unofficial 82-Page 'Black Parade' Musical

Well, a couple My Chemical Romance fans have been busy in quarantine.

A Twitter account by the name of @mcrmusical has published an unofficial 82-page script based on MCR's The Black Parade — and it is EPIC!

“We started thinking about the plot and song order a few years ago, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2020 that we finally finished it,” the fans wrote at the beginning of the script. “We hope everyone enjoys reading through our concept of the Black Parade musical as much as we enjoyed creating it. We wrote this just for fun and have no plans to perform it, especially without MCR’s permission or creative input.”

The fans accounted for every single detail and provided sketches for characters, costumes, and set designs for the musical's two acts.

The writers explained that the Black Parade musical is “Reminiscent of the classic tale A Christmas Carol, as the Patient revisits his past, he gains new resolve to change his future.”

If you're not as dedicated to reading through all 82 pages, taking a quick scroll through the script, which was published for free, is definitely worth a look. Within the script, the fans also use some screen grabs from MCR's videos that align perfectly with the scenes — honestly, someone get this on Broadway!

The fans also encourage other fans to give feedback and post their own ideas for the musical. “It would be really cool if other MCR and musical theater fans pitched in their own drawings and ideas for staging, costumes, musical arrangements, or any other type of feedback,” they wrote in the script. 

The writers have also put together a YouTube playlist with the songs in order as they appear in the musical. 

Read the script here.

Photo: Getty Images