Here's How To See What's On Private Accounts On Instagram

Millions of people love sharing their photos with everyone on Instagram, but there are also plenty of people who like to post their photos on the app but prefer that not every person in the world has access to them. Those users set their account to private, only allowing their friends to see their photos. However, it turns out there is still a way to access their pics and a guy on TikTok has shared the way to do it. He captioned his post, "This might ruin a lot of relationships."

In the video, he explains step by step how you can look at what's on a private Instagram account. It involves creating a new account and altering an option on your new profile's code.

If you are going to try something like this, keep in mind it is a pretty blatant invasion of privacy and chances are, Instagram will be quickly developing a way to stop this loophole from being exploited, if they haven't already.

This should also serve as a warning to anyone who has an Instagram account set to private to keep in mind that even if that is the case, the photos they post on IG are never truly private.

Photo: Getty Images