Smashing Pumpkins Poke Fun At MCR's Music Comeback In Viral TikTok

Photo: Getty Images

The Smashing Pumpkins had a hilarious response to My Chemical Romance's music comeback. In a TikTok posted yesterday (May 13), the band poked fun at both of them releasing big music announcements at the same time.

The video shows Billy Corgan dramatically turning his head to look at the camera in slow motion with text displayed that says "when you just announce a huge tour, new album, and feel like ppl are paying attention." It then cuts to a photo of Gerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance, with text reading "drops a new song out of nowhere." It's all in good fun, however, as the video finally cuts to a photo of Way and Corgan together. "jk proud papa right here," reads the text on the photo. The band wrote in the caption, "ur grounded u little rascals."

Watch the TikTok below.

My Chemical Romance released their first new song in almost a decade on Thursday evening (May 12.) The six-minute track is titled "The Foundations of Decay" and the drop was a complete surprise to fans as the band made no announcements about it beforehand. After their reunion tour being rescheduled multiple times, it's finally kicking off in the UK next week starting on May 16.

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