This Is The Best Vegan Restaurant In Los Angeles

Vegan cauliflower buffalo wings on white wooden board

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L.A houses no shortage of plant-based restaurants that serve delicious food. There is no such thing as settling for second best at this popular vegan vice.

According to a list put together by Gayot, the best vegan restaurant in L.A is Araya's Place. Araya's Place is known for their avocado curry and fried tofu dishes. They also serve a variety of coffees and deserts.

Here is what Gayot had to say about the best vegan restaurant in all of L.A:

"Located in a crowded strip mall along busy Beverly Boulevard is where you'll find this laid-back, family-owned Thai eatery. The one-room space is small but seems to fit whatever size crowd there is with the two rows of tables and booths. There's plenty to choose from on the menu, including specials of the day, which is entirely vegan -- no meat and no animal-derived ingredients. Start with the vegetable tempura, a sizable platter of crunchy, deep-fried mushrooms, zucchini, sweet potato, onion, red pepper, eggplant and green beans, served with a bowl of sweet sauce topped with chopped peanuts. Thai classics are present, from Pad Thai to an assortment of curries, but opt for signatures such as the Drunken Mushroom, a spicy creation of wide rice noodles stir-fried in garlic and chili."

For more information on the best vegan places in the entire city visit HERE.

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