Måneskin Describe The 'Mix Of Emotions' That Inspired Their New Single

Photo: Getty Images

Maneskin revealed the inspiration behind their latest single "Supermodel" in a recent interview with Billboard. The band released the song on May 13th after teasing it on social media with video clips and cryptic captions.

The rockers shared that the track was inspired by their time living in Los Angeles which was a "mix of emotions" according to lead singer Damiano David. “What shocked us was there’s a lot of people who only try to get something from others and they want to be at the top of the spots and under the spotlight,” he said. “But then you see that they’re playing a character. It was strange for us because we always saw these things on movies and TV shows and we always thought it was kind of exaggerated, but it’s not. For us, it was very automatic to write a song about it. That’s basically what we do. We see things that interest us and write songs about it."

David then described the experience of working with producer Max Martin on the single. “It was cool because Max and all of his team, they never tried to force us to do something that we didn’t want to do,” he explained. "It was fun because we were used to writing only by jamming. This new thing of using computers and stuff was really mind-blowing for us.”

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