Driver Crashes Car Through California Whole Foods

Shattered windshield after car crash. Vehicle accident. Broken glass.

Photo: Getty Images

A driver crashed through a Whole Foods In Woodland Hills on Sunday afternoon around 12:30 p.m, and was able to stop the vehicle before too much damage was done. According to KTLA, the car crashed directly into the produce section through the sliding doors in the store off of Ventura Boulevard and did not stop until it reached the coffee bar. 

The car was described as being a white and white Volvo Sedan, and the driver was an “elderly man.” After crashing, the man was able to exit the car on his own before paramedics came to assist him. Paramedics evaluated the driver and found that he did not sustain any serious injuries. KTLA mentioned that the Whole Foods was not entirely damaged as a result of the crash. Most of the structural damage is able to be repaired, and no customers were injured.

After the incident occurred and the driver was assessed, the Los Angeles Fire Department removed what was left of the Whole Foods entrance doors and drove the car back out into the parking lot and into a designated spot. Authorities continue to investigate the cause of the crash. The drivers name was not released to the public.

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