Chuck E. Cheese Changes Name on Delivery Apps to Sell More Pizza!

Chuck E. Cheese restaurants across the country have left some GrubHub customers feeling duped. Yesterday we found out that Check E. Cheese realized people didn't want to order takeout from Chuck E. Cheese SO they changed their info on GrubHub to 'Pasqually's Pizza' and tricked a bunch of people into ordering Chuck E. Cheese!

'Pasqually's Pizza & Wings' derives its name from the Chuck E. Cheese character, Pasqually. Many people who've been trying to support independent restaurants amid COVID-19 don't appreciate the name change. "The main difference in this scenario is I was being mindful of going out of my way to find a local business" said, Customer Kendall Neff, to NBC Philadelphia.

Chuck E. Cheese owner CEC Entertainment Inc. issued this statement. "Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings, named after another favorite member of Munch's Make Believe Band, shares kitchen space with the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant, ensuring high-quality, fresh ingredients. Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings’ recipes use fresh, homemade pizza dough, just like Chuck E. Cheese, but it is a different pizza that features a thicker crust and extra sauce, giving consumers a more flavorful, more premium pizza experience."

Check out the full story in the video below:

Chuck E. Cheese Changes Name on GrubHub

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