KFC Is Creating 3D-Printed 'Meat of the Future'

The fast-food chain is partnering with Russian research laboratory 3D Bioprinting Solutions. The announcement was made via a press release stating, "3D bioprinting technologies, initially widely recognized in medicine, are nowadays gaining popularity in producing foods such as meat," via Yusef Khesuani of 3D Bioprinting Solutions. "In the future, the rapid development of such technologies will allow us to make 3D-printed meat products more accessible, and we are hoping that the technology created as a result of our cooperation with KFC will help accelerate the launch of cell-based meat products on the market."

The lab aims to create chicken nuggets that look and taste like the real thing by utilizing chicken cells and plant material. The project is in "response to the growing popularity of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition, the annual increase in demand for alternatives to traditional meat...". "... and the need to develop more environmentally friendly methods of food production.". A final product is to be tested in Russia in fall 2020. Kinda creepy though, right?

KFC Is Creating 3D-Printed 'Meat of the Future'

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