5 Tips to Take a Break From Alcohol

5 Tips to Take a Break From Alcohol

Studies show that alcohol sales have spiked during the lockdown. Taking a whole month off from booze may sound tough, but here are a few ideas to get started:

1. Assess how much you drink per week and how you feel afterward based on your intake.

2. 'Make plans to do activities during times when you usually have a drink. Do some yoga, go for a walk, watch something funny. Rather than just take away the behavior, replace the behavior with something that is healthier and more sustainable,' Aaron White, via NPR.

3. Train yourself to resist peer pressure.

4. 'Take note of your mental state when you find yourself wanting a drink the most. You might drink at night to reduce your anxiety. And then, as a result, the next evening, you feel more anxiety, which then motivates you to drink again,' Aaron White, via NPR.

5. Towards the end of the month, reassess how not drinking has affected your health. Doing this may make you realize that you were drinking too much alcohol before the "dry month."