7 Healthy Foods You Should Avoid When Sick

7 Healthy Foods You Should Avoid When Sick

It may seem counter-intuitive, but these 7 healthy foods could hinder your recovery.

1. Spinach, If you have a cold or fever, the histamine levels could trigger an inflammatory response.

2. Broccoli, If your stomach is upset, the high fiber content of broccoli could be hard to digest.

3. Cheese, Aged cheeses could make your headache worse due to the high histamine levels.

4. Fermented foods, Foods like sauerkraut or kimchi can constrict blood vessels in your brain, causing headaches.

5. Citrus, Although vitamin C is good for you, the acidity in citrus can irritate a sore throat.

6. Dairy, The lactose in dairy can be difficult to break down when you have gastrointestinal distress.

7. Beans, The unique sugars in beans can worsen any digestive issues!