Here Are Some Fun Stay-at-Home Date Ideas

Here Are Some Fun Stay-at-Home Date Ideas

Whether it be the COVID-19 pandemic, cold weather or a tight budget, having a stay-at-home date can be the perfect opportunity to shake things up. Here are six out-of-the-box date ideas to help you and your partner have a fun, romantic time.

1. Relax with some backyard stargazing, Head outside with your favorite stargazing app to admire the night sky. Make sure to set the mood with soft music, cozy blankets and a warm snack.

2. Create a trivia night, Use the internet to find questions that are challenging enough to create healthy competition, but still easy enough that you’re having fun.

3. Set up a paint night, Break out the craft supplies and follow a painting tutorial or challenge your partner to a portrait competition.

4. Have a themed dinner night, Pick a theme, like Italian, and enjoy some Italian music, a classic Italian meal and don’t forget a movie set in Italy.

5. Enjoy a romantic picnic, Take dinner up a few notches by trading the dining room table for a picnic blanket, candles and fancy dishware.

6. Build a grown-up pillow fort, Work with your partner to transform the living room into a cozy, romantic space for cuddles and quality time.