You’ve Been Using These Common Household Items Wrong

You’ve Been Using These Common Household Items Wrong

We all have our “right way” of using things around the house. Surprisingly, there are a few items that we’re probably all using wrong. . Here are seven common household items that are the most misused.

1. Breadboard: That pull-out slab of wood on your kitchen countertop isn’t a cutting board.

2. Oven Drawer: That drawer underneath your oven isn’t for storing baking sheets, it’s for keeping food warm and heating up plates.

3. Plunger: The typical red, bell-shaped plunger is designed for sinks and bathtubs, not toilets.

4. Ceiling Fan: You can use your fan during the winter by setting it to turn clockwise and push warm air down.

5. Cellphone Charger: Charging your phone past 100 percent causes your battery to be less effective.

6. Stainless Steel Pans: You can season these just like cast iron to make them much more effective.

7. Toilet Paper Rolls: There’s no debate, toilet paper was invented for the flap to hang over the roll.