The Knocks and Mark Foster Talk About New Cover 'Devils Haircut' by Beck

The Knocks and Foster The People’s Mark Foster have come together for a collaboration on their rendition of Beck’s' Devils Haircut’.

The reunion of these three artists is really starting to feel like a side project. All they need now is a name to make it official. While “All About You” is probably the coolest song on the radio, Mark, Ben and J Patt have somehow managed to successfully cover one of the hardest artists in the world to emulate. They’ve teamed up to tackle the Beck classic “Devils Haircut”! They’ve even made a video. Mark’s passion for Beck’s talents is glaringly apparent listening to him speak on the number of listens that he’s logged on Odelay.

Hear how The Knocks and Mark have found a rhythm together in my interview below, and enjoy the video too.