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Conditions are Shaping Up for Another SoCal "Super Bloom"

Remember all of the rain that we got in 2017?

It dumped on southern California, ending the multi-year drought - and helping create one of the most beautiful displays in nature: the SUPER BLOOM

It was so big - you could see it from space

Fast forward to 2019 -

Similar conditions - including rain, temperature and (unfortunately) barren land due to recent wildfires - are setting up for ideal Super Bloom conditions all over our area.

From Curbed:

It’s too soon to predict whether there will be a as remarkable as the one that covered the region in 2017. But if the weather doesn’t get too hot and if rain continues to fall over the next couple of months, odds are favorable that a rainbow of blooms will carpet Southern California’s hillsides, mountains, and deserts .

“We’re optimistic that it’s going to be a good one,” says Mark Mendelsohn, a National Park Service biologist stationed in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area .

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