Have You Seen This Creepy Sesame Street Cartoon from the 70's?

I hadn't heard of this before today - but apparently it's a thing

Back in the 70's - this animated short appeared on an episode of Sesame Street and freaked out A LOT of people

From Slate:

Armond was haunted by the video for decades. He mentioned it to other Gen X’ers who’d been brought up watchingSesame Street, but no one else seemed to remember it. Did the the video even exist, or was his memory just playing tricks on him? Finally, after decades of looking, in the earlier days of the internet, he found Jennifer Bourne, a cartoonist who also grew up fearing the crack monster. She began poking around on Muppet-themed message boards and Snopes, and, little by little, an odd congregation of people started to form online, a virtual support group for people who were terrorized by the clip. People wrote in from California all the way to the United Kingdom.

You can watch it below:


That is pretty weird.

There is an entire podcast about it - if you wanna give that a listen right here



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