Google Introduces "Stadia", a Netflix Style Video Game Streaming Service

Google is getting into the video game business - but they are not making a console

Instead, they are launching a streaming service that will allow you to play games on any screen compatible with Chromecast

From KTLA:

You don’t download the games to your devices, just play them over any Wi-Fi connection.

The Netflix-like product is called Stadia (that’s the proper plural of “stadium”) and is expected to launch later this year with big name titles including “Assassins Creed Odyssey” and special YouTube features. Even without a console, it could help Google take on game industry leaders Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

“There was a lot of speculation that we were going to be making a console, but that’s actually part of our strategy, we want to be completely screen agnostic,” Phil Harrison, a vice president and general manager at Google, told CNN Business. “We don’t want players to be spending hundreds of dollars, sometimes thousands of dollars, to create a gaming rig in their home.”

See a quick preview of "Stadia" below



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