Check out This 7-foot-7 High School Basketball Player

Robert Bobroczky is the tallest high school player in the world.

At 7 foot 7" - he's taller than most NBA players & plays for the prestigious SPIRE Academy (alongside LaMelo Ball)

His perspective on his height is a good one

My father used to tell me that it’s a blessing or a curse – it’s up to you how you see it. And it is, indeed. When I was young I tried to look at it as a blessing but I was not mature enough so most of the time I looked at it as if I wished I was shorter so people wouldn’t look at me. But when I realized there was more than just you, things changed. You don’t work just for yourself. You also work for your family, for your community, for your friends. In my case you work for my country so I just want to make everybody proud and not let them down. That’s the motivation.

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