Man Scores Date With Dream Woman He Locked Eyes With At Traffic Light!

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This man scored a date with his dream woman that he locked eyes with at a traffic light! After attending a public appeal, he was able to add something to positive to his day. He knew nothing about the stranger, but felt an instant connection when they locked eyes while stuck in traffic.

His dream has become a reality, the woman sent an email to the town paper, describing the moment she locked eyes with the man on the parkway.

In the email, she wrote "Hi. I do drive a bright blue BMW and I am blonde. I did have a brief encounter with a guy at the traffic lights on Peaks Parkway. I was in the left-hand lane and he was in the lane next to me as the lights turned to green I looked across and smiled as we carried on along Peaks Parkway he then turned off to head into B&Q."

The man promised to keep us updated on how it turns out.

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