Man Protests His Local Dentist Office By Shredding A Guitar Solo Out Front

Making music for the fans

Photo: Getty Images

A man is protesting his local dentist office by shredding a guitar out front with a sign that says "Western Dental Sucks", the video was posted to twitter and went viral! The guitarist responded saying:

"Hi everybody this is me. This place has been an absolute nightmare for my son and I," said @PokelaneYT. "Another shady thing they do if you go on their Google page you'll see that almost all the comments say Nancy helped me. Well the worker there Nancy takes you to the back gives you an x-ray and before you even talk how much things are going to cost she insists you do a review. I feel duped because when I looked at the reviews of this place before I took my son they were all good but now I know that they're all fake."

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