Cage the Elephant Goes Ballistic, Shuts Down ALTer EGO 2018

Cage the Elephant’s Matt Shultz came through with the rock ’n’ roll — and those yellow pants — at iHeartRadio’s ALTer EGO 2018 at The Forum in Los Angeles on Friday, January 19, unleashing that cardiovascular energy and closing out the show in true Cage the Elephant fashion — pyro and all. 

Kicking off their pumped, gone-ballistic performance with “To Late to Say Goodbye,” Matt later found himself in the crowd catching a breath and encouraging all to spread the love.

“In a world of hate, let’s celebrate love!” he exclaimed.

The Kentucky-bred band, who later relocated to London, went on to perform hits “Cold Cold Cold,” “It’s Just Forever,” “Come a Little Closer,” and “Teeth.”

But not before offering an epic performance of “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked,” “Shake Me Down,” and “Come a Little Closer,” where Matt found himself in the crowd again, taking selfies and videos whilst performing.

He proved his agility again by bouncing not only through the crowd, but off just about everything he could find. He then lost his sparkly turtleneck crop top and really wound it up, losing himself in the fog and jumping off the drum set while pyro flames erupted behind him.

The band most recently released unplugged career-spanning album Unpeeled, a rare stripped-down experience for fans from the noted rockers. The idea came, they previously explained, after they thought “Wouldn’t it be cool to do that again sometime?” 

So they did.

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