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Fall Out Boy Says New Music Will Have 'A Lot Of Easter Eggs'

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Fall Out Boy addressed their recent cryptic behavior as fans await new music from them. Before their performance at iHeartRadio's 2023 ALTer EGO presented by Capitol One, Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz chatted with ALT 98.7's Stryker and refused to give straight answers about their recent cryptic behavior as fans await a new single called "Love From The Other Side" and presumably, a new album.

"How do the shells work into everything?" Stryker asked to which Wentz hesitated and broke into laughter. "All I think about is spoilers," he said before taking a long pause.

Making it clear they weren't going to give away any spoilers for the artistic rollout of their new project, Stump shared, "There's a lot of easter eggs. It's really fascinating. If you really dig in, you'll find lots of stuff."

Wentz did acknowledge that seashells did play a significant role in their new music launch. "Keep your eyes out because there will be more shells arriving." Ahead of their single announcement, FOB launched two new websites called https://sendingmylovefromtheotherside.com/ and https://sendingmylovefrompinkseashellbeach.com/ as well as sent fans mysterious postcards and most recently, seashells. In November 2022 the band first revealed a new album was on the way by placing an ad in the Chicago Tribune that read: "FOB 8" and "If you build it, they will come."

"Love From The Other Side" arrives on January 18th. Their forthcoming eighth studio album will follow 2018's Mania. Wentz and Stump also discussed how their approach to creating music for the masses has changed in the past five years. Stump shared that making FOB 8 was made "with love" with Wentz adding that being present in their families takes precedence to releasing "throw away songs" and going on tour. "It's really important for the art to be important."

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