Jake Dill

Jake Dill

Seattle, Washington transplant - by way of Southern California - Jake Dill will be the first to admit that his radio broadcasting career began in the most unusual way. His passion for music and radio evolved while working late nights at a hardware store. While listening to a local radio station’s music being playing over the P.A. system, Jake would call into the show and try to say the most outrageous things to see if he could get on the air. After a short while, his comedic persistence paid off and the station began using him as a prank caller in one of their segments. He was later offered an internship at the station and the rest is history.

A creative “Jake-Of-All-Trades”, Dill is also skilled in stand-up comedy and as a cartoonist. With his unique wit, positivity, and sense of humor, Jake creates a special connection between he and his listeners who tune in daily to hear him on ALT 98.7 in Los Angeles and ALT 102.9 in Tacoma.



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