Close To Home Playlist: 09.29.19.

#SundayFunday salutations!

you are so sweet to help me celebrate the #LA and #OC music scenes each week - so thank you! tonight's #CloseToHome, as always, was powered by Musicians Institute. if you've always thought adding more music to your life would be fun, then visit to see how they can help get you started.

here's the full playlist in the order played on the show:

Close To Home: 09.29.19.

The Griswolds - Nice To Meet Ya!

Yoke Lore - Dead Ringer (Young & Sick Remix)

Dreamers - Die Happy (The Wombats Remix)

The Shelters - You're Different

Dear Boy - Heaven Moves

King Princess - Ain't Together

Banks - GImme

Transviolet - Sunshine

TeamMate - All Heart

Weathers - Lonely Vampire

The Interrupters - Bad Guy (Billie Eilish Cover)

Talk Time - Colors

Opus Vitae - Turn Away

Twin XL - Good

xo, tobi :)

@tobitalks / #tobitalks

*this week's bonus video is from The Shelters! their new song is called You're Different and it's featured on their recently released sophomore album called Jupiter Sidecar. if you dig their sound, they're playing the echo this wednesday!

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