The SheltersWe are elated to welcome our new ALT987fm Artist In Residence for February: The Shelters! If you didn't have the pleasure of seeing them perform a private penthouse performance for us last July, you will now have the entire month to get to know these wonderfully talented guys better. We will be celebrating all the awesome things they have coming up this month and beyond.

The story of how The Shelters came to be as rad as they are is a pretty great one. The guys had just banded together when Tom Petty (YES - THAT TOM PETTY!) heard them and got a gut feeling about what they could be. He gave The Shelters the keys to his home studio and showed them a few things. Though mostly he left them alone to do their thing. Maybe they were determined to show hi that he hadn't made a mistake. Maybe they just liked the way those old tube amps sounded.

So they seized the moment and got to work, insistent on becoming a band. A real band. Co-produced by Tom Petty, The Shelters released their debut LP on June 10, 2016 on Warner Bros. Records. The album harkens back to a blast of Southern Californian rock and roll from a four-piece like they used to make them, when the factory was still up and running. This album comes at  you from behind, nothing you were expecting. It's a start to finish collection of 70s inspired smooth jams mixed with modern day rock. Paste magazine said "It's as if the Laurel Canyon harmonies of the 1970s spent the glam rock '80s in The Viper Roon on the Sunset Strip before getting a 2015 update in Silverlake."

The Shelters will perform alongside Foo Fighters, Kings Of Leon, The Lumineers and more at the MusicCares Person of the Year concert honoring Tom Petty on February 10th. 

They're also playing the Air + Style Festival on February 18th alongside Flume, Major Lazer, TV On The Radio, ALT987 Close To Home favorite Phantoms and more. 

*pro-tip: listen to ALT987fm's Close To Home every Sunday in February at 9pm PT to hear the super groovy new jam from The Shelters called "Gold" - it's the best.

And get social with The Shelters here: 

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-- xo. tobi, @tobitalks.

Oh la la, and now enjoy the video for the face melting jam from The Shelters called Rebel Heart