Photo Credit: Dave Austria

This Year's Best New Song... of the Week is "Tonight You're Perfect" by New Politics.  

The guys of New Politics, David, Soren and Louis, stopped by ALT 98.7 earlier this year and instantly became one of my favorite bands. They engaged the audeince and managed to get everyone involved and singing along. Lead singer David even did some breakdancing! 

Their album, A Bad Girl In Harlem, was one of my favorites of the year. "Harlem" proved to be a great single, and there are a few more great songs on the album, including "Berlin," "Fall Into These Arms," and This Year's Best New Song... of the Week, "Tonight You're Perfect."  

We’ll being playing "Tonight You're Perfect" Monday through Friday this week at 8:10a, 12:10p, 6:10p and 10:10p. 

Check out New Politics performing "Tonight You're Perfect" on the ALTstage and download it below: 

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