Bro and Sis Get It On After Watching The Notebook

25-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman (who happen to be brother and sister) were watching The Notebook and were so overcome with emotion that they hopped into a tractor trailer and started getting it on. As in, the ol' in/out. You know.... sex. Bro/sis sex. Craziest part? It DIDN'T happen in Florida. Check out their mugshot HERE and full story HERE

Lawnmower DUI

A 58-year-old man in Florida (almost all the time. Almost every damn day. Florida. What the hell is happening down there?) got busted for riding a mower down the road. Not a big deal right? Well, he had also cracked a beer and was chugging that as he drove. He was stopped and arrested for DUI, but he then threatened the officer saying that he was gonna have a friend beat him up. Not the brightest dude in the world. Check out the mug shot and the full story HERE

Attempted Murder For Not Going On Beer Run

54-year-old Patricia Ann Owensby is being charged with attempted murder after she pulled a shotgun on her husband because he wouldn't go on a beer run, you know, because he was busy looking for the remote. He overheard her talking about shooting him so he emptied the shotgun before e went to bed. Good thing! Because she got the shotgun pointed at him and *click, click, click* He ran out of the house and she then threatened him with an ax. Yo, bitch... you never hear of Pink Dot?

Check out her mugshot and the full story HERE 

Drinkin' Brews and Humpin' Lawn Chairs

In Seattle, Wa, 33-year-old Sila Hans was arrested for getting turnt up, walking into a family's lawn and starting humping the lawn chairs. Maybe try OK Cupid first? I dunno. The whole thing was witnessed by the kids of the house. Even the part when miss Hans exposed herself and slapped her who-ha. no surprise, but cops said she was extremely drunk. Live life and PARTY!

Full story including pic HERE

....aaaaaaaand The Winners is

with 65% of the vote- Bro and Sis get it on after watching The Notebook

Here's how the rest broke down:

18%- Attempted Murder for Beer Run

10%- DUI on Mower

7%- Humpin' Lawn Chairs