:: my sweet friends in the band lovelife are playing the jubilee fest tonight in downtown LA at 7pm on the myra stage - needless to say, i'm super stoked and i will be there dancing in the front row! i've been swooning and swaying and playing their sexy, smooth jams for almost a year on my #AmazingHappyHour show that airs in the UK, and i finally got to see them play live at SXSW this year. after that awesome show, i bellied up to the bar with lee, the lead singer, for some good old fashioned texas tequila - and thus our friendship began. after their stay in austin, they came to LA for a week and we solidified our friendship bond with a solid hangtime sesh before their show at the echo - we talked about their love for selena gomez, kraftwerk and all topics in between. suffice to say, these boys are lovely and talented and totally rad and you can expect very big things from them in the future - so #GetOnBoard now :) #xo, @tobitalks #adayinthelifeofaDJ

:: to prove my declaration of their greatness, please enjoy the video for my favorite lovelife song - and if you dig, follow them on twittter @LVLFXXX:

:: and finally, here are some sassy instagrams i took of the band. i especially like the one where the boys are showing off their #selfie skills. #loveloveLOVELIFE