:: father john misty (AKA, josh tillman / AKA, the drummer from fleet foxes) is a dreamboat. he's an awkward-dancing-hip-swaying-statuesque-beauty-of-a-man and he croons like an angel. and just when i thought i couldn't be more smitten with him, i read a headline that he had created a fragrance for women - naturally i was intrigued and had to investigate further. here's what i discovered - the scent is called "innocence by misty" and initially there will only be 300 bottles released in a limited edition type scenario. pre-orders available here with a scheduled release set for august - just in time for my birthday! (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) so josh, if you're reading this - please feel free to hook a sister up - and i wouldn't be opposed to you hand delivering me a bottle to the station so i could see that delightful, lanky frame up close. but i digress - the scent features "rare essential oils, fixed in a base of organic cane alcohol" with "pure botanical fragrances of sweet orange oil, tunisian neroli, mimosa absolute, violet absolute, jasmine grand, bourbon vanilla and linden blossom" - and while i really don't know what that all means, i do know this promo video makes me swoon:

:: btw, FJM plays the glass house in pomona next saturday, june 22, and he just released this new video for "funtimes in babylon" that i think you'll enjoy! #happysaturday #xo, @tobitalks #adayinthelifeofaDJ