Purple Toothpaste Makes Your Teeth White Again

Everyone wants whiter teeth... but most of us aren't so willing to totally give up coffee and soda to keep our teeth from turning yellow. Whitening toothpaste and strips only do so much.

Now there's a product on the market that claims it will color correct your teeth. It's PURPLE toothpaste!

A company based in Anaheim called Pop White has created a purple toothpaste that many are saying does the trick. Think of a color wheel - purple and yellow are directly across from each other, which means when you mix the two you get white.

This is very similar to how people with bleached blonde hair should care for their hair. It's always recommended they use purple shampoo to keep the tone of their hair light.

Of course, beauty never comes cheap. A tube of the purple stuff will cost your $24 or $36 if you bundle it with the purple mouthwash.

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