Could New Music From Paramore Be Coming This Week?

Don't get too excited because this could be totally fake... but then again, it might not be.

Someone on Reddit is claiming that Hayley from Paramore tweeted the word "Friday" and then deleted seconds later.

We scoured the Reddit post and social media for answers. There are a few people out there that confirm they saw the tweet. But this is the internet... we take everything with a grain of salt.

Weird thing is, the screenshot doesn't include a timestamp. It's pretty easy to photoshop something like this.

(screenshot via Reddit)

What we do know is that something is coming... and it's coming soon! A few weeks ago, NME reported that the band registered 12 songs with ASCAP. That's an entire album worth of songs!

The band also confirmed via their Instagram in January that they'll definitely tour in 2017. It's already March. Time is ticking Paramore!

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