Uber Eats Says Humans Are Strange, Strange Creatures.

The Uber Cravings Report isn’t a ranking of the most popular restaurants or most-delivered items over the past year. No, it’s basically confirmation that we’re all a bunch of weirdos who have some very specific, slightly bizarre, yet hilarious Uber requests.

The report includes everything from strange delivery requests to the most popular delivery requests, including the most popular and unexpected food and request combos, in the U.S.

The following are just some of the requests Uber Eats, the five-year-old online food ordering and delivery platform, has received from users: 

"Please send all sandwich parts separately. I will put together myself."

"Please let the protein gods bestow my platter with as much meat as possible. Heaps and heaps like the mountains of the Himalayas. And through the valleys and streams, an extra scoop of rice — to nurture the young landscape. Ok, I'll keep it straight. I need as much meat and rice on this plate as possible."

"This is my Boyfriend’s Valentine's gift. It would be amazing if you could play 'Africa' by Toto when you deliver the donuts. You don't have to play the whole thing, really just the chorus."

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