A "Rain Bomb" Hit Dallas Yesterday

There's are so many things to love about living in Southern California

Not having storms like this is one of them (even though I secretly do think they are exciting)

An intense "micro burst" hit downtown Dallas yesterday

From the Washington Post

It’s not every day you see a textbook microburst like this one caught on camera, but Toddy Jack managed to get this insane photo on Sunday afternoon. At the time, Dallas was getting drenched with heavy rain as this nearly stationary storm sat over the area. Then it finally andliterallyunloaded all of its precipitation in a giant “rain bomb” — right over downtown.

A microburst is a sudden but powerful area of sinking air, associated with the downdraft area of a thunderstorm. While microbursts are typically small, and 2.5 miles in diameter or smaller, they can do incredible damage. Microbursts can have wind speeds in excess of 100 mph, and have been known to do so much harm that the destruction left behind can be mistaken for tornado damage.

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