Proposal By Big Mac...Yeah, I Don't Think So...

But one man's proposal has raised a few eyebrows and people on social media are relentlessly mocking his idea of romance.

He popped the question by placing a beautiful diamond engagement ring right in the middle of a McDonald's Big Mac.

His girlfriend, is believed to have said yes, posted a photo of it on and has been inundated with a variety of comments, reports the Sun.

While some thought it was sweet, the majority of people weren't impressed.

One wrote: "Looks like a McNightmare. Also, it's really (and unnecessarily) bothering me that the bun is dry except for one weird smear."

Another replied: "Big Mac? Big no."

A third commented: "Um. That better not be a Big Mac. Five Guys or nothing."

Many people hoped he fully embraced the McDonald's theme and asked if she would "McMarry him."

One commenter wrote: "Can she have the burger if the answer is no?"

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