"Ghostbusters" Maze Coming to Universal This Halloween

Looks like the Ghostbusters will be invading Halloween Horror Nights at Universal this year

From WeLikeLA

The slimy n’ scary classic Ghostbusters oozes into Universal Studios Hollywood’s ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ this September with sure-to-be-spooky immersive mazes based off the beloved 1984 hit film. Aim for full apparition submission as you follow the films’ heroes- Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston – through iconic scenes from the movie: the firehouse, the New York Public Library, and the Temple of Gozer, which sounds like a delicious restaurant but sadly is not. 

The fun kicks off with a September 12 preview and runs through November 3. Halloween Horror Nights has been spooking crowds for over 25 years, and is a must-see for folks who love their scares made to scale. This is the film capitol of the world, after all, with the industry’s best special effects within reach. 

See the trailer below

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