Oliver Tree Opens the Show at ALT Summer Camp 2019

A sunny day in Long Beach, California set the perfect scene for electric Oliver Tree to hit the ALT Summer Camp stage. Oliver opened up the show donning his eclectic purple windbreaker and massive bellbottom jeans.

The crowd vibed out as he performed his hit song Hurt, “Alien Boy” and others. The former tune came as a shocker to fans who learned that the song was indeed inspired by a bad trip on a scooter as Oliver had said.

“This song is about a scooter crash that happened eight years ago. I nearly lost my life,” he preluded to the crowd.

“I used to compete in professional contests. I was coming down a roll-in on a semifinal run and out of nowhere this little pebble shows up,” he recalled during an interview with Billboard.

“I hit this thing, I go flying. I break my left wrist, my right wrist, and the joint that connects the thumb to my hand. So, it's about that scooter crash but it's also about a falling out I had with my old scooter crew. We used to ride every single day after school at the park rain or shine. I was the only guy out of the whole team to get signed. And I think there was a lot of jealousy and frustration and that song is an apology to them and a fuck you to everyone else."

Thankfully, nothing of the sort happened at Summer Camp, just cool cartwheels and fun moves.

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