Del Taco Is Getting Into That Aromatherapy Game

You might think Del Taco’s competition is Taco Bell. But on Tuesday, Oct. 1, the fast food chain is also taking on Bath and Body Works as well.

That’s the day the Lake Forest-based company will be selling quick service-inspired aromatherapy online at

The product is a set of three half-ounce bottles of “Craveable Sweets & Scents” — churro, vanilla, and chocolate — and it costs $1.49 plus $5 for shipping and handling.

By comparison, a 1-ounce bottle of calming aromatic oil scented with vanilla beans costs $29 at Aveda.

The offer ties in with Del Taco’s new Mini Churro Dipper Shakes, which include a churro dunked in a milkshake and also cost $1.49. If the concept sounds familiar, it’s a mini version of a dessert Del Taco offered for a limited time last year.

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