iTunes is Dead

After warning us that iTunes time was limited - Apple finally pulled the plug yesterday with it's latest Mac update

The legendary online music store has slowly been phased out over the last couple of years and yesterday the final nail was put in it's coffin

From Stereogum:

Apple launched its iTunes Music Store in 2003, two years after the iPod’s debut. With simple pricing at launch — 99 cents a single, $9.99 for most albums — many consumers were content to buy music legally rather than seek out sketchy sites for pirated downloads.

But over time, iTunes software expanded to include podcasts, e-books, audiobooks, movies, and TV shows. In the iPhone era, iTunes also made backups and synced voice memos. As the software got bloated to support additional functions, iTunes lost the ease and simplicity that gave it its charm.

RIP iTunes - I bought a lot of music from you and now I have no idea where it is

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