Breaking Bads Los Pollos Hermanos Is Opening Up Virtually Through Uber Eats

Breaking Bad fans should rejoice because they can finally try the food from Los Pollos Hermanos. If you need something to eat while watching El Camino, the latest installment of the series,on Netflix, look no further than Uber Eats.

There's already a Breaking Bad-themed bar and a beer brand inspired by the hit show, and Los Pollos Hermanos did have temporary pop-ups in New York and Australia in the past. But for the first time, Los Pollos Hermanos will be around for awhile. Here's the catch: The fictional chain popularized by the show is coming to life...but only through Uber Eats.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, food delivery from Los Pollos Hermanos will be available on October 24, starting exclusively in Los Angeles before expanding to other parts of California, Nevada, and Illinois. Better yet, for the first six months, Uber Eats will have free delivery on orders for one week out of each month.

The menu will include pollos tenders, "Fring" fries, and an ABQ hot chicken sandwich. The chicken sandwich will feature a buttermilk fried chicken breast served on a buttered bun with dill pickles and mustard. It comes with some “Slaw Goodman," of course. Would you expect anything else!?

The creator of the show Vince Gilligan taste-tested the menu to make sure it was perfect for the fans: "Their chicken sandwich is big and crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, and it rests on one of the better brioche buns I’ve come across. It doesn’t skimp on the spices, either," he told THR.

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